Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

A couple weeks ago I excitedly wrote a post about finding the perfect kitchen table.

Then a week, and dozens of furniture stores and websites, later we decided on our ideal sofa and love seat.

Now we are trying to find that perfect coffee table to match.  Problem is, the sofa we bought is oversized.  And when I say oversized, it measures over 100" long (the average sofa length is usually closer to 90").  So we're trying to find a larger coffee table that won't be dwarfed by our Texas-sized seating receptacles.  Oh, and we're trying to avoid spending a fortune on said table - easier said than done we've discovered.

On a better note I found some fantastic bedroom furniture from IKEA which means its on the less expensive end of furniture!  Hopefully I can convince Corey that its a good idea to furnish our bedroom with new shiny stuff and use our current furniture for a guest room.

We've accomplished a lot this week, despite our inability to close the deal on a table.  Our mortgage got the full, final approval by the bank, we signed up for a home warranty, confirmed the closing date, set up some utilities and finally chose a moving company.   In other words, we are all set for closing in 5 days and the big move in 10 days!!  Hooray!

While driving into our apartment complex tonight with my car full of groceries and other purchases, I thought about all the things I'm excited for with the house.  Here's my top 10:

1. I won't have to carry 10 bags of groceries up 3 flights of stairs anymore

2. I can park right in front, or in the garage, of my own home rather than parking far away and walking in the middle of the cold, dark night

3. Our kitchen will be at least twice its current size - meaning lots more storage and lots less clutter!

4. We'll have a backyard - that means we can open the door and let Lacey out to play and do her business when its too early or too cold for us to take her for a walk

5. Our washer and dryer will have their very own room - no longer a tiny hall closet that's too small for them

6. My new gas stove - no more funky sized electric coil burners to deal with!!

7. No more smelling onions, garlic and curry at 9 am in our bathroom (I think our downstairs neighbors are Indian or Pakistani and we always smell their cooking at the strangest times and always in our bathroom)

8. A clean, tidy room for our treadmill and other exercise stuff (right now its stuffed into our tiny 2nd bedroom along with a desk, TV, 2 bookshelves and air mattress - yikes!!)

9. Plenty of room for guests with 2 guest rooms

And most of all:

10. We'll have a comfortable space to live and establish ourselves - It will be the perfect place for our family to grow (in a few years - don't get any ideas!)

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  1. I saw some really cute storage ottomans at Amazon. There's one that has two smaller ottoman's inside. You can flip the top over and have a hard surface, or a soft leather surface. Lynne has one at her house and I love it. I plan on getting one after we get our taxes back.