Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Counting Down

Anyone who knows us knows we are kinda obsessed with our alma mater, TCU.  Actually, we bleed purple.  When doing laundry I often have a full load of purple clothes (mine and Corey's).  Once college baseball season ended, we got into countdown mode for football. 

Over the summer we've been busy bees getting ready for the 2011 Horned Frog Football season.  First we bought season tickets, then we purchased not one, but two, parking spots - perfect for tailgating!  But we had two small sedans and really, you can't tailgate in TX with a sedan.  So, we've been on the lookout for an SUV, promising ourselves that we would only get one if it was a steal.  Last week we found that deal of a lifetime (thanks to my penny-pinching husband!).  Here's our new-to-us TCU tailgating mobile.  The only thing that would make it better would be if it were purple!  Okay, maybe not.... 

In order to tailgate in style, I had to have a stylish bag in which to transport snacks and/or beverages.  And look what I found - a cute insulated tote.  And it was half-off!

Last, but definitely not least, I found these beauties while searching for some new running shoes.  While not TCU purple, these screamed TCU football to me!

All I need is a new TCU t-shirt, a TCU plate holder for the new wheels and perhaps some portable purple serving pieces.  Now if kickoff would just hurry up and get here - only 45 days! 

Rah Rah TCU!