Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy PA Week!

October 6-12th marks National PA Week.  It is a week to celebrate physician assistants and educate the public on what it is we do.  The dates are significant for the profession because the first class of PAs graduated from Duke University on Oct 6, 1967.  Back then the profession was made up of male ex-corpsmen but now females make up the majority of practicing PAs.  A physician assistant works under the supervision of a physician to obtain histories, examine patients, order and interpret tests as well as prescribe medicines.  Some work in clinics, others assist in surgery, and many practice in hospitals or Emergency Departments.  They work for government agencies, every branch of the military, private physicians, prisons schools and public or private hospitals.  In fact, the Army named a PA as its 2011 Flight Surgeon of the Year.

For more info on what PAs are and can do you can read my previous post.

I have been practicing as a physician assistant for 2 years now.  In that time I've repaired lacerations, drained abscesses and stuck needles in spines (lumbar punctures).  I have treated thousands of children suffering from various ailments such as asthma, broken bones, cancer, and diabetes just to name a few.  I have made kids feel better and seen most leave with a smile.  I have learned more than I ever thought possible and know there is even more to learn and experience.

Overall, I chose the best profession out there (for me, that is)!  So Happy PA Week to all of my fellow PAs: those who took the time to teach me, those I went to school with and those I work with every day.