Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Purple Roses

Purple roses have long been my favorite color of roses.  This weekend made them my all-time favorite flower, I think.

We had the awesome opportunity to go to the Rose Bowl this weekend to see our beloved Horned Frogs play the Wisconsin Badgers.  And, in case you've been living under a rock, TCU won!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the TCU Horned Frogs are MWC champs and Rose Bowl champions with a perfect 13-0 season!

Our weekend got off to a rough start due to a 3 hour flight delay.  We were supposed to arrive in CA at 10:15 pm on NYE - just in time to make it to my parent's house to ring in the New Year.  Unfortunately, we arrived at 1:15am instead, completely missing midnight both in TX and CA.  However, the rest of the weekend made up for that shaky start.  Here are some pictures:

All packed and ready to go!

Chris DelConte, the TCU AD, stopped by the tailgate to say hello

Found some friends!

We were outnumbered but not out-played or out-yelled (is that a word?)

Sooo happy to be here!

Happy horned frog!

They parachuted the game ball in - it was so cool

TCU Band and Showgirls

Go Frogs!!

Half-time - still nervous, but having a great time

And the crowd goes wild!!  We won!

Proud Horned Frogs

Awesome - just awesome
We had a great time at the game, especially since we won!  Corey told me it was the 2nd best day of his life (after our wedding).  Yep, that's my husband, a sporting event as one of the best days of his life.

We concluded the weekend by spending time with family and friends.

Anbo "washing" her hair

Emersyn - always with something in her mouth

Nieces - they're pretty cute ;o)

Anbo helping Uncle Corey blow out his b-day candles

Em and Uncle Corey spending quality time together

Best picture of the weekend - Lacey helped herself to a spot in Lexie's car seat on the way home from the airport...she's kind of a funny pup

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