Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

What do tamales, game time, Goldschlager, 500 miles of road, a septic tank, bowling pins and a limping dog all have in common?  They each played some role in our Christmas weekend!

Christmas Eve was spent at a family friend's house having tamales and other yummy food while catching up and socializing with family.  There were tons of people, most of whom we didn't know, but we had a great time.  Here are a few pictures:

Grandad, Mary Alice (my mother-in-law),  C and Miss Lexie

Finally got a picture with her smiling!

Happy aunt and uncle!

Christmas morning we made our way to my other in-laws' house.  We munched on cinnamon rolls and opened the mounds of presents lying under the tree.  We also got to meet the newest extended family member, Dez, a beautiful black lab puppy.  As the afternoon rolled in, my brother-in-law pulled out a bottle of Goldschlager (cinnamon schnapps), and we started playing games.  Gametime got a little wild once the step-siblings and their significant others returned.  A great time was had by all.  Once dinner was ready, Corey & I scarfed down some delicious prime rib and ran out the door to hit the road. 

The whole gang wading through presents and wrapping paper

Having fun during game time

Having more fun during game time

Meet Dez

The boys

The game's getting intense

We jumped on the road in the direction of Austin to visit and stay with more family.  We got in late, but had some time to chat before heading to bed.  The next morning it was discovered there was a problem with their septic system.  So Corey's uncle and 2 boy cousins spent a big chunk of time digging around the pipes leading to their septic tank and diagnosing the problem.  We spent the afternoon bowling and having fun with the cousins.  After which we headed back north.  We stopped off for dinner with my cousin, his wife and their beautiful new baby.  The food, conversation and company were excellent.  Finally, we got back in the car and headed the 250 miles home.  

The weekend ended with me picking up our pup from my in-laws'.  As she came bounding down the hall to say hello, I noticed she was only walking on 3 legs.  She refused to put any weight on it and after inspecting her I figured she probably tore her puppy ACL.  Luckily, this morning she was using that leg again and the vet told me she probably just sprained/stretched it.  No tear = no surgery!  Whew, dodged a bullet there!

Now I just have to make it through 2 more work shifts before we head off to CA for the Rose Bowl and time with even more family and friends!

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