Saturday, December 18, 2010

Does it get any crazier than this?

As most of you already know, our pup, Lacey, is crazy.  No bones about it - she's certifiable!  She does all these little things that we think are hilarious or cute, but I'm sure many people would find them strange or annoying.

She's got such a fun personality that we are constantly laughing at her.  There's little things, like the fact that she waits until both of us are home to eat.  Also, while playing she'll run and crawl under our bed to hide then start barking like crazy from under the bed.  We like to call this activity her cockroach routine because she scurries away like a little bug.  There are other things too: she loves sitting on the back of the couch, sitting by the patio door looking out on the world outside, and she hates being held or snuggled up to.  When Corey feels like picking on her, he will pick her up and lay her on his stomach.  She'll then start whining and crying until he lets her go.  

There are so many more little personality quirks that make us crack up daily.  Lacey is definitely an entertaining pet!  Here's the video I shot today of her "playing" with Corey's foot.  She does this on a relatively regular basis and usually it takes no provoking her.  She will just start barking or biting at his foot while he's lying on the couch. (I apologize for the terrible lighting - this is iPhone footage. Turn your speakers on for the full effect)

I'm sure some of these personality traits are common to her breed (shiba inu), but others are all her craziness.  Isn't it funny how animals can have such strong personalities? 

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