Sunday, December 6, 2009

The weather outside is frightful

Yesterday started off cold, rainy and miserable with the promise of snow later in the day. The forecast called for 1-4" of accumulation, but I was pretty doubtful, after all we had temps in the 50s and up to the 60s for the week prior. I went up to campus (in DC) to help out with interviews for the morning. It was snowing there but nothing was really sticking. But as I was driving home, I quickly realized the landscape looked rather different the farther away I got from the city. By the time I got home there was close to 1-2" of snow on the ground and still tons falling. So I guilted Corey into going out into the snow with Lacey and I to have some fun and take pictures.

We ended up taking lots of pictures, running around in the snow and throwing snowballs which Lacey loved chasing.

We were frozen when we got back inside, but Lacey wanted to head right back out immediately. I ended up taking her out again later - she is definitely a snow bunny! Luckily there was still lots of powdery fluffy snow out this morning that she got to play in again.

Pretty impressive snowfall for the first of the season! We are eagerly awaiting the next!

On a completely different subject, I'm on my OB rotation right now and cannot wait for it to be over. Last week was spent on "clinic" duty which ended up with me having multiple half days, one afternoon watching OB sonograms and one day completely off. I actually only spent two mornings and one afternoon actually seeing patients in the clinic. It's pretty frustrating for me because as much as I like having an easy schedule, I'm also here to learn, and that's obviously not happening if I'm having all this time off. On the other hand, I'm not at all interested in OB so I keep telling myself to enjoy my schedule, after all its better than me having to work 80 hour weeks in something I don't like. I only have 7 working days left in the rotation and 4 of those are >12 hour shifts doing either Labor and Delivery or Gynecology float (seeing ER consults, rounding on post-op patients, etc). I also have one day on call, then 2 days in the clinic. I'm just trying to make it through the rest of this rotation and on to Christmas vacation. Perhaps being busy and seeing some deliveries will help make it go by faster!

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