Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quality time in the kitchen

Today I had a day off - yesterday was my last day of OB/Gyn and tomorrow is my end of rotation exam. So what did I do today? Instead of studying like I should have, I ran some errands early this morning, addressed and mailed off our Christmas cards, then spent the rest of my morning and early afternoon whipping up some treats to share with my classmates. I had some fresh cranberries I bought initially to use as decorations, but then I decided it might be fun to actually cook with them. I found a cranberry muffin recipe that looked pretty appealing. I also had bought some raspberries and wanted to make some muffins with those. I ended up making 2 batches of the cranberry muffins because they were super easy and pretty tasty and one batch of raspberry-cream cheese muffins. I tried one of each because there was no way I was sharing them with my class if they didn't take any good! I'm happy to report they were both a success! Very yummy - a little sweet, a little buttery, a bit crumbly, and a bit tart. Yum!

Then to top of my day in the kitchen I decided to spend some time on a good, hearty dinner for Corey and I ---so I made the Beef & Barley soup that we've fallen in love with. It takes a little prep time and has to simmer for a while, so its only practical for me to make on a day off. It also turned out well (despite me accidentally using 2x the amount of broth called for in the recipe - oops!)

Now that I've done my errands, spent the day cooking, cleaned the kitchen and done some laundry, perhaps I should crack a book or read some notes :)

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