Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Fun

Today, Kelli and I decided neither of us wanted to sit around the house, so we headed to the mall with fingers crossed. We got to the closest mall (not the biggest - we weren't feeling that adventurous!) around 10am and easily found a parking spot - good start! Then when we got into the mall, it wasn't too crowded. Whew! We spent a couple hours trolling the stores, where I bought some Christmas gifts (and some gifts for myself). I was able to take care of 3 family members' gifts and purchased a couple pants for work. I also learned I look kinda cute in some felt hats - thanks to Kelli :) I couldn't pass up the deal on the pants - they were from Ann Taylor - originally $110, on clearance for $40. Plus they were having a promo where you got 40% your entire purchase before noon, so when I checked out at 5 minutes til noon, I got my $110 pants for $23.93 for a grand total of 80% savings! Quite possibly the best deal I've ever gotten on clothing, especially clothes of that quality. I also bought myself a potato masher (see previous post) to help with future mashed potato ventures. We finished off our shopping trip with lunch at Panera and good conversation. All in all, it was a great way to spend my day!

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