Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

The tree and other Christmas decorations have been up since the weekend after Thanksgiving, my Christmas shopping is done, the presents are wrapped under the tree and the presents for far away family are in the mail. We had our first snowfall, the weather is cold and blustery, Starbucks has peppermint hot cocoa and the school semester is super close to the end. Yep, I'd say its almost Christmas!! (Now all I need to do is send out our Christmas cards and I'm set!)

This year we'll be spending Christmas with my sister, her family and my parents down in South Carolina. She will be VERY pregnant at the time of Christmas (due date is Jan 4th) so I am hoping she delivers a little early. We are bummed that we cannot be in TX during the holidays, but there's not enough time or money for that this year, plus we were there last year. But I am super excited to spend time with my family in SC. Plus, we can drive down there which means Lacey gets to come with (she is very excited)! Unfortunately we won't be leaving until Corey gets off work on Christmas Eve - which means we'll be getting in pretty late! No Christmas Eve service for us this year :( I guess I'll have to download a good version of Silent Night (in English and German) and listen to it in the car to make me feel like I'm back in my childhood church on Christmas Eve!

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