Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are there babies in my future?

I think so! Not my own baby, but perhaps working with kiddos. After 3 weeks in the peds office I came to a conclusion that I want to work with kids. Not sure if I'd enjoy private practice pediatrics because well-child visits get old pretty quickly, but I'm almost positive I want to work with primarily peds - perhaps in an inpatient setting or even in a pediatric specialty. I've known for a long time that I have an affinity for kids - I really enjoyed babysitting for several years in college and genuinely miss the little girl. Also, whenever I see a baby I get this urge to hold them and love on them. I even went through a phase shortly after moving out here where I honestly wanted to have a baby of my own. Of course that freaked Corey out and luckily I had enough sense to realize despite my strong desire to have a kid at that time, we were (and still are) in no position to be bringing a life into the world. Anyhow, that's all to say that despite my love for being around kids, I never thought I'd actually like having kids as patients. I always thought about all the poorly behaved kids and their over-bearing parents that we saw in the ER. But I've seen that was definitely not a correct characterization of pediatrics as a whole. There's just something about making a child smile when they are sick or calming them down when they are freaked out about the visit to the doctor that makes me smile.

So, now my list of "likes" is expanding. I've enjoyed every rotation I've been on and can see myself in each area (with the exception of psych - too much sadness/anger). And I haven't even done the big rotations (surgery, inpatient and outpatient). Oi - I'm in trouble! But, looking on the bright side, I can apply for all kinds of jobs and be happy with what I get, rather than being restricted to a couple areas because that's all that interested me, right?

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  1. OH how I wish you could be here to be around Anberlyn and Emerson! Im sure you are a WONDERFUL auntie and one day will be a terrific mother!