Monday, November 16, 2009

Adventures in the kitchen

I've come to realize something about myself recently...I'm a bit of a kitchen-gadget addict. I have a kitchen full of fun stuff including (but not limited to) my Kitchenaid mixer, a full-sized food processor, a mini food processor, an ice-cream maker, a George Foreman grill, a waffle-maker and even a fondue pot. And I enjoy them very much - even if I don't use all of them all the time. I also have a ton of cooking pans, pots and dishes. The sad part about all this - I look longingly at all the gadgets I find in various kitchen supply catalogs. I think I might have a problem :) I need a bigger kitchen just to store all my stuff!

On a similar note, I like reading cookbooks + cooking magazines and browsing cooking/recipe websites. A couple years ago I found out that my grandmother was similar - she would buy cookbooks and spend all this time reading through them without ever making a single recipe from them. After she passed away, I was lucky enough to get a lot of her cookbooks, which I cherish greatly. Lately, I've decided to expand my recipe repertoire and actually start trying some new recipes. Some come from my cookbooks, but most come from cooking magazines and the internet. Some I try aren't exactly big hits, but for the most part I've been successful. Last week I made a super easy, super delicious and healthy dinner - Beef, Barley and Veggie soup. It earned such good reviews from Corey that I made a variation on it last night - Chicken, Barley and Veggie soup. And the best part about the soup- it gets Corey to eat vegetables!! I really like experimenting in the kitchen and hope one day I'll have the time and the skill to come up with my own dishes. Until then, I'll continue my cookbook, magazine and recipe collecting ways :)

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  1. Your Great Grandmother Murdock was also into cooking. As a job she was a cook, first at a hospital & then in a restaurant or two. When I lived with her during college, she was always trying new recipes out of the newspaper. She also had to try new products on the market, such as Hamburger Helper.