Sunday, November 8, 2009

Would you like some cheese (and perspective) with that whine?

Talk about God's timing...just about 5 minutes after whining on Facebook about our inability to be in Ft. Worth for College GameDay's broadcast from TCU this weekend the NBC Nightly News comes on. And what's the first story? An update on the Ft Hood shootings in which the anchor talked about the deceased, wounded and their families as well as what the community is doing to lend a hand to all those affected by the senseless brutal acts of one man. Then there's a story about the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and how restrictive and controlling the East German government was during the Cold War.

Talk about putting my life into perspective! I'm sitting around in my warm, comfortable apartment with my wonderful husband and crazy pup bemoaning my lack of time and funds to fly last minute to a college football game when there are parents, spouses, siblings and children mourning the loss of a loved one while survivors are wondering what happened and why they are the lucky ones to survive. And people in Germany are remembering the day that they were finally allowed to travel from one side of a city to the other without being stopped by guards or threatened with violence.

Thanks God for pointing out my silly and selfish ways. Sometimes I need to stop whining and start appreciating all that I've been blessed with!

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