Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me!

Last week marked my first anniversary in the Emergency Department.  I can't believe its only been a year since I started.  Some days it feels like yesterday, others it seems like forever ago.  I've learned sooo much in a year but there's still so much to learn.

In a year, I've gone from essentially being a student to evaluating, diagnosing, treating and discharging (or admitting) kids on my own.  I've sewn countless lacerations, drained too many abscesses to count, and have completed several lumbar punctures, including 2 champagne taps!  I know when I'm in over my head and when to ask an attending for help.  I find that every day I feel a little more comfortable.  That being said, there's a little bit of discomfort in every day.  But that's a great thing.  It means there's never a dull day at work!

Along with learning the medicine, I've learned the politics.   When I get wrapped up in the drama, I try to step back and remind myself why I'm there.  At times I dread going to work (because I'm tired, cranky, have lots to do at home) but when I get there that feeling evaporates.  Seeing a child smile or getting a thank you from a parent gives me a feeling that I can't describe.  A few weeks ago a patient of mine who was 7 or 8 years old, if I remember correctly, said the most gratifying thing I've heard in a while.  After being extremely anxious initially, he ended his visit saying "I love this place.  When I grow up I want to work here."  Ugh, my heart melted.  It's those experiences that make me love my job.

Its been a year of stress, learning, anxiety, building confidence and finding myself.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything!  Here's to many more years!

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