Monday, December 5, 2011

Flab to Fit - Week 5

This week went really well!  I didn't work out Mon-Wed because I worked the swing shift (11a-11p) every single one of those day and I find it really hard to get a workout in.  However, I made up for it working out the remaining 5 days in a row (including today)!  Three of the workouts were my normal elliptical followed by weights, one was a swim and today I tried Body Pump for the first time.

I enjoyed my swim so much!  I initially planned to do 1500 yards which is 60 lengths of the pool or 30 laps.  Once I got to the 1500 yards I felt like I could keep going, so I did!  I ended up doing 2000 yards and it felt great.  I forgot how much I enjoyed swimming.  I can decompress, think through my day and by the end I'm tired but relaxed.  Plus its a great whole body workout and my arms are jello by the end.  I plan on getting a water resistant watch so I can actually time my laps and measure then increase my speed/intensity. 

Like I said previously, tonight I tried Body Pump.  Its an hour-long class that incorporates all kinds of weight based exercises.  You use a barbell for most of it and it's intense!  We did squats, lunges, rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions, crunches and dead lifts to name a few.  I have a feeling I'm going to have trouble sitting, standing, and raising my arms above my head tomorrow!  I definitely plan on going every Monday night now.  It'll be great for toning and building muscle mass!

Okay, random note.  When I workout I love to listen to music on my iPhone.  My playlist isn't very long and I really could use some new songs so I'm open to suggestions!  However, every time I finish I play a specific song "The World's Greatest" by R. Kelly.  It's totally cheesy for me to say but it makes me feel good and I recognize the fact that I'm pretty awesome for working out!

 Funny thing is the next song on the playlist is "Dream Big" by Ryan Shupe.  Its pretty fitting because its keeps me inspired.  Although I feel great about myself for working out, I have to keep working toward my dream/goal.

 What's on your workout playlist?

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  1. This is so good, Jodi! Yay for 5-days in a row! I don't listen to music .... so no suggestions for your playlist. Sorry.