Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flab to Fit - Week 6

Another good week in the books!  Only four workouts despite planning for 5.  Working the 12-hour overnight shift just isn't conducive to getting in a workout.  After my first try at Body Pump I was sore and stiff for 2 days!  My quads were literally tender to touch they hurt so bad!  But I know its just muscle breaking down so it can build itself right back up!  I did Body Pump again last night and it was great.  I think actually worked harder but don't feel quite as sore today. 

Random gym thought:  The gym makes for excellent people watching.  You get the meat heads that look like they drink 12 raw eggs every morning for breakfast.  Then there's the scrawny white guys trying to bulk up but you know they never will.  And of course there are the women who look like they just came from a night out on the town with full hair and makeup (and perfectly coordinated workout attire) who don't break a sweat the entire hour they're at the gym.  Luckily most of the people at my gym are similar to me: average, if not over-weight, just trying to get or stay healthy who wear grungy old t-shirts and ratty tennis shoes. 

I've also seen some strange things at my gym.  Two come to mind - the middle aged woman in the shallow end of the pool wearing a beanie on her head while walking laps IN the pool.  And an older skinny Asian man in shorts so short you couldn't see them under his t-shirt unless he raised his arms.  At least all the people watching keeps the gym interesting!

Now I'm off for a 2,000 yd swim!


  1. OH yes! I love people watching at the gym! I was once in spin class and the guy next to me was wearing a full sweat suit, a beanie, and sunglasses... for the ENTIRE class!