Monday, November 28, 2011

Flab to Fit - Week 4

I must admit, last week was no bueno.  Okay, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good.  I only worked out 3 days of the week, but each of those workouts was really good.  I left the gym exhausted - which is my goal!  Thanksgiving day ended up being to crazy (because I decided to take on too much in the kitchen) so I didn't have time to workout before dinner with family or work.  Saturday was another "free" day for working out but I had a party to go to in the afternoon and spent over an hour picking out Christmas decor and other goodies at Hobby Lobby before heading home for dinner and a lazy night on the couch. 

Food wise I think I did pretty well, especially considering Thanksgiving is such a huge eating holiday.  Yes, I indulged in sweets but I tried to limit the amount of gravy, mashed potatoes, other fatty foods to make up for it.  Luckily we did not host Thanksgiving, didn't take leftovers home and all the goodies I made for work were inhaled before I left my shift that night, meaning no bad foods hanging out in our kitchen! 

This week is going to be much better for working out!  Although, I'm working 3 in a row (just finished #2 of 3, I have multiple days off the rest of the week including a morning shift, meaning time to workout after I get off!)  Excited to get back in the groove.

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