Monday, November 7, 2011

Flab to Fit - Week 1

I plan on posting about my progress attaining my fitness goals on Mondays (maybe every one, maybe every other).  I'll post about my successes and pitfalls and all out failures.  So here goes, week 1:

I started off my week splendidly.  Worked out 4 days in a row and those workouts were great!  I met with a personal trainer about 2 weeks ago and he made me realize that I wasn't pushing myself as hard as I should.  He put it this way: If I could do 45 minutes on the elliptical without wanting to fall over when I got off, I wasn't working hard enough.  He gave me a goal of calories to burn within 30 minutes and I'm busting my behind to make that goal.  It's pretty good motivation!  So, 3 days of the week I did my elliptical routine then some weight training.  The 4th day I swam laps.  I was a swimmer in high school and I know how good of a workout it is, so I'm trying to swim at least once a week.  I swam 1500 yards (30 laps) over about 40 minutes and felt like I was going to die!  But at the same it felt great!  I can't believe I used to do 3 hour swim practices back in the day.

I was feeling pretty dang good about myself working out 4 days in a row.  Then I started night shifts and couldn't find the energy to make it to the gym.  It's hard enough to get to the gym on days I work because the 12 hour shifts pretty much do me in.  But when that 12 hour shift ends at 7 am it's practically impossible for me to head to the gym on my way home.

My eating was pretty healthy throughout the week with the exception of Sunday.  We started the day with brunch consisting of delicious PB & J pancakes, eggs, ham, fresh fruit and mimosas.  I managed to burn off some of those decadent calories by walking the mall for over 3 hours doing some retail therapy with our wonderful brunch hostess.  Then by the time Corey and I made it home from our Sunday funday, both of us were too tired to cook so we grabbed pizza for dinner.

This week my goal is to work out 5 days this week (with one of those being swimming) and continue the healthy eating trend.

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