Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The travel bug

Yep, I've come down with an incurable problem.  Its called the travel bug.

Throughout my childhood we took family vacations every year.  They were often trips to WA or AZ to visit extended family.  We also took trips to Mexico, Colorado, northern CA, Texas, New Orleans and Hawaii, to name a few.  I always looked forward to our trips, especially the ones we took in the car.  I vividly remember riding in the car on a trip north through CA at night looking out the window at the stars shining in a pitch black night and thinking I was the luckiest kid in the world.

All those trips instilled in me a desire to continue to explore and experience new parts of the country and the world.  And that desire continues to grow with each new place I visit.  This leads to a small problem in our marriage.  I'm constantly (as in weekly) talking about where I want to go next and begging to book a new trip.  Corey smiles, laughs and rolls his eyes and tells me maybe when I'm actually getting a paycheck.  Seriously, it happens all the time (more often now that I signed up for Jetsetter travel deals website - bad news bears!)

Well, after a near meltdown when my start date got pushed back by 2 weeks, I convinced Corey a weekend away would be a good idea.  We decided on San Antonio because its an easy drive but definitely out of town.  It would only be a short trip because he was working Saturday morning overtime and had to be back at work Monday morning.

We got a great hotel on the Riverwalk for a great deal thanks to a travel website:
Sitting room in our beautiful suite

They had a room service menu for pets!
Saturday evening included Tex-Mex on the Riverwalk followed by watching TCU play at a sports bar.  Sunday morning we walked around the Alamo because you can't go to San Antonio and not go to the Alamo.
Requisite trip to the Alamo Sunday morning

Walking the Riverwalk after breakfast
 After we checked out we headed north to see the Natural Bridge Caverns.  They are full of really cool formations and our tour guide made it interesting.
Natural Bridge

Formations in the Natural Bridge Caverns

Looking scary pale, but having fun in the caverns

Pictures don't do it justice - this place was awesome!

After the caverns, we decided to hit up the San Marcos outlets.  Okay, maybe it was my decision, but who's counting?  This trip to the outlets marks an important milestone - I have now shopped at all the outlet malls on I-35 between Ft Worth & San Antonio!  Amazing, isn't it?  I'm proud ;-)

We had already decided on the way back to hit up one of Corey's favorite barbecue spots, the Saltlick.  It was a very yummy detour!

Despite its limited time frame, we had a great time.  It was great to get out of this apartment, out of town and have a change of scenery.  Come to find out it was Corey's first time to San Antonio!

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