Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall = Horned Frog Football Y'all


One of the perks of going to TCU (besides having a great excuse to wear purple...oh yeah and a great education...and meeting my husband) was getting into home football games for free.  I was lucky to live with some great girls who also enjoyed going to the football games.  And our team made it pretty easy, we've had a winning season every year since my freshman year.  We did have one bad year in that time, but we just won't talk about that. 
We had a tradition of making shirts each year
The last two years were hard for these 2 die-hard Horned Frog fans because we only had the opportunity to go to one football game when the team went out to VA to play UVA.

Dianna came to visit for the UVA game!

This year we were determined to go to every single home game possible.  We missed 2 because of our Europe travels, but Corey made sure to watch them on the internet at 2 in the morning.  College games are a blast, especially when your team wins in the fashion that TCU manages to do every week.  Take for example the stomping against then #5 Utah on the road.  It's also lots of fun because its a great way to spend time with friends before and during the games.  We've decided to start tailgating before home games and after just 2 times this season, we are planning to buy a parking space near the stadium and tailgating regularly next year!

1st tailgate at TCU vs Oregon State @ Cowboy's Stadium

Last year, TCU made it to the Fiesta Bowl but we couldn't afford it and I couldn't get the time off from school.  We were pretty bummed that we had to watch it on TV.  It's already been decided that if the team makes it to a BCS bowl game this year, we will make every attempt to go.  And its looking like we will!

Tomorrow is our last home game of the season, and you better believe we will be in the stands cheering!    

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