Monday, November 29, 2010

Tinkering and Thanksgiving

So I left off my last post with my first day of work going smashingly well.  Well, on the way home I had to run by Best Buy to pick up a part for our brand spanking new washer and dryer set (our early Christmas gift to each other).  To make a long and painful story short, we were missing the part which was needed for the delivery guys to install the dryer (we would like to point a great big finger at the appliance salesperson at BB).  The install guys assured Corey he could hook up the part himself without difficulty, so we set about to do just that.  After some heaving,  ho-ing, climbing between washer/dryer, phone calls to rather rude and unhelpful representatives from BB and tears, my wonderful husband called his wonderful brother-in-law to come save our marriage - okay perhaps a bit dramatic, but it was quite the stressful situation!  He graciously agreed to come over after dinner and help.  I'm pretty sure it was because he overheard me spewing rage in Corey's general direction over the bleepity-bleep-bleepers at BB.  (You didn't read that mom...)

After our knight in shining armor arrived with his lovely wife and daughter in tow, he and Corey got the dryer hooked up to the wall vent.  We kissed his feet and showered him with rose petals as fireworks exploded in the night sky....And then I started load after load of laundry.  I never knew one could love an appliance this much!

Aren't they gorgeous? It was love at first wash...and dry

Super spiffy and just all around amazing!

The next day was Thanksgiving!  My sister, her husband and her 3 girls (+ their beagle) arrived after an all night drive to spend a few days with our two bedroom apartment...  We cooked up a storm in the kitchen with my sister making amazing macaroni and cheese and me successfully making green bean casserole from scratch.  That evening our turkey feast was shared with some of Corey's family.  The next day was super duper busy running around first visiting my grandpa then whipping up dinner to bring to my aunt's house.  We were able to visit with her, her husband and another of my dad's siblings - his older brother.  It was a relatively short visit, but anytime spent with them is good.  Saturday we said our goodbyes to our houseguests and I set about tidying up, doing more laundry (like I said, I'm in love with these puppies) and setting up the Christmas tree and other decorations.

Helping mom in the kitchen!

Big sister with baby sister

I love making messes!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas!

Even dogs need a Thanksgiving feast

Look who flew in from MI to eat turkey!
The weekend concluded with visiting more family, shopping with my sister-in-law, and a little stinking opossum lurking outside our door (he's since vanished - not sure if it was by will or force, but as long as he's gone, I don't care how).  I hope everyone else enjoyed time with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday!  Now its time to drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas music, and shop for and wrap presents - I love Christmastime!!

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