Friday, January 13, 2012

Loving my job

This originally started out as a blog to document my experiences through PA school, navigating the boards and starting out as a new PA-C.  Somewhere along the way I started posting more about my personal life including travels, cooking and exciting events.  The other day I was going through old posts and realized its been quite some time since I´ve posted anything about work.  I feel like I have some sort of routine at work and there is not much new to say, but I realized there´s a lot to blog about.  So I will try to inset a post a week pertaining to work, medicine, the PA world, etc.

I´ve decided to have a series of posts about things that make me love my job.  The number one reason I enjoy my job is my patients.  There´s just something about kids that is so fun and refreshing.  Sure, I see some pretty ill children and it can be heartbreaking, but kids are also so resilient.  They are also filled with hopes and dreams.  Plus, it helps that they forgive pretty quickly (it´s amazing what a popsicle can do!)

One day a few months ago I was treating a young boy maybe 8 or 9 years old with a laceration to his face.  He was extremely nervous, despite being prepped by one of our child life specialists (more on these amazing people in another post).  However, he sat very still, breathed deeply and asked many questions.  When it was all done, he sat up, smiled and thanked me (without any prompting from his parents).  I  brought a popsicle into the room and he told me ¨When I grow up, I want to work here because everyone is so nice.¨  Ugh, my heart just melted.  It was an amazing thing to have a patient who was so anxious and upset when he walked in tell me how great his experience was.  It doesn´t get much better than that, ladies and gentlemen.

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