Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011: A look back

The past year has been one for the books!  Talk about an amazing 12 months!

We started off the New Year in CA experiencing then celebrating a huge TCU win at the Rose  Bowl

We moved into our very first home just a couple days after an ice/snow storm

We showed off our new home, complete with some paint and fixture updates, to friends and family at our housewarming party.

Corey was a member of our great friends' wedding party in Austin.  It was a great weekend and great party to start their married lives.

We enjoyed several TCU baseball games and I traveled to Las Vegas for a conference and fun with friends

My best friend and her daughter (my goddaughter) came for a visit.  I had a great time with them and they survived the heat!

Corey and I packed up the car and headed to New Mexico for a short mountain getaway.  We were blessed with beautiful scenery and lovely weather.  Sadly, my grandmother passed away at the end of the month.  We were lucky to be able to travel to North Carolina for her funeral.  While it was a sad occasion, it was nice seeing family.

I must of spent a lot of time in the kitchen avoiding the scorching summer sun because I only have pictures of the food I made! These tamales were my favorite.

We definitely made up for a lack of activity in August.  I traveled home to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends' weddings.  We had tons of fun spending time with friends and family/  I also celebrated my birthday while there.  September also brought the start of a new TCU football season and our first glimpses at the stadium renovations.

We visited the State Fair of Texas for the first time in several years.  The weather was gorgeous and the fried foods were delicious.  Halloween was fun, despite running out of candy for trick-or-treaters! Oops!  October also brought lots of TCU games and tailgating with friends.

The highlight of the month was a week-long vacation to warmer climates.  First, Corey and I played around in Orlando visiting Universal and Disney World.  Then we met up with friends for a short cruise to the Bahamas. 

Where did it go?  On the 31st, I couldn't believe it was already over.  Between work and Christmas activities, the month flew by!  We had a great time seeing family close and far.  In addition to all the fun festivities I've already blogged about, we went to ICE (a themed display completely made of ice) with Corey's sister, brother and their daughter. 

That concludes our 2011 highlights.  We had a great year filled with travel, family and friends.  I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us!  We have lots of exciting things planned!

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