Monday, January 2, 2012

Flab to Fit - Week ??

Oh man, let's talk about epic failure!  I was doing so well with working out and not too bad at the whole eating right thing.  Then came Christmas...

The week before I was busy working and prepping our house for visitors.  That included cleaning out the fridge and washing everything in sight.  It left little time for cooking healthy dishes (resulting in healthy leftovers for lunches).  Not to mention there was the TCU bowl game we watched at a sports bar complete with fried foods and alcohol.  All that work and chores also left little time for the gym.  Then our guests arrived and there was definitely no time to work out.  Not to mention the pounds of butter, quarts of heavy cream, dozens of eggs and packages of bacon we went through over a week's time. 

All this is to say, I have not stepped foot in the gym since Dec 15th.  Ouch, that hurts!  On Saturday I told myself Monday (today) would be my first day back in the gym.  Well, then a little incident happened just after midnight on NYE resulting in a broken thumb on my dominant hand (more on that another post).  While you may think its a lame excuse to skip a workout, I've found doing pretty much anything fairly difficult.   I can only imagine trying to hold onto the treadmill grips or elliptical handles without using my thumb.  I'm going to wait until I see the orthopedic surgeon before working out.

However, I'm glad to report, despite the absolute lack of working out and plethora of unhealthy foods, I only gained a 1/2 pound over the last 2 weeks!  Whew, dodged a bullet there.  Now I need to focus on healthy eating and being active in other ways (like walking the dog, perhaps).

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