Monday, March 21, 2011

Spoke too soon

Remember this post?  Oh at that point I was so excited that I managed to see all those kiddos with their little GI bugs and escape scott-free.  Yeah, well, it caught up with me.

I've been blessed to be illness free for quite some time, considering all the snotty noses and vomiting kids I've treated this winter.  Last week my luck ran out.  Before heading to bed one night I started feeling pretty nauseous.  Thinking I just ate too many sweet chocolately cookies I had made that day, I went to bed hoping I'd wake up feeling better.  The next day the nausea was still there.  It came and went, but it wasn't staying away long.  Finally over 24 hours after the nausea started more things happened.  Luckily for me I only had to hang my head over the toilet once, but that one time was awful.  I hate throwing up, like hate it so much I cry every time I do it.  At least it helped the nausea a bit. 

Without getting into gory detail, between frequent trips to the bathroom I spent most of the day curled up on the couch in misery.  I stayed home from work the next day because I was dehydrated and hadn't eaten much the previous day.  I started feeling better so went to work on Saturday and did fairly well.  I got ahead of myself and had Mexican food for dinner after work.  Dumbest idea EVER!  Since then I've felt bad.  I hardly have an appetite and what I do eat sucks.  I've been living off toast, plain pasta, oatmeal and other equally bland foods.  I can't even have rice because we ran out.  I actually need to get groceries today because I've pretty much eaten everything bland in the kitchen.  Whenever I eat something more substantial, my stomach revolts.  I just miss being able to eat real food.

Guess that's what I get for getting ahead of myself, eh?  Hopefully I'm better in time for work tomorrow!

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  1. I understand! I cry each and every time I throw up as well! Its TERRIBLE