Friday, February 18, 2011

The proverbial $%*& has hit the fan

Yep, this post is about poo....I know pretty gross and totally inappropriate, but heck, I work in an ER.  I'm good a being gross and inappropriate.

My last two shifts I felt like every patient I saw had the pukes, the runs and fever.  Initially I felt sorry for them, then I freaked out worrying that I just might come down with it.  After the first patient it wasn't a big deal, I just soaked my hands with alcohol gel and moved on.  The next patient I was a little more cautious, after using the alcohol gel I washed my hands.  Finally, after seeing my 3rd patient in one shift with the same stuff, I scrubbed my hands and disinfected my stethoscope, badge and pen.  Then I started freaking out, I swear I could feel myself getting nauseous and my forehead heating up.

Luckily I made it through the shift without complications and made it to my next.  And guess what?  Three more patients with the SAME thing!  Yikes - are you serious??  So I started where I left off - cleaning everything the patient may have come in contact with that could safely and effectively be cleaned with alcohol pads.  And I'm glad to report, thus far, I have not come down with anything (knock on wood).

And if I didn't deal with enough poo over the previous couple days, today I was reading some articles in order to stay up on my knowledge.  Take a wild guess what two of them were?  Emerging treatments in gastroenteritis (aka the stomach bug) and etiology, presentation and treatment of constipation.  Oh yeah, apparently I'm a $#&* magnet.

I know, my life is pretty glamorous.  Try not to be jealous.

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  1. Oh yuck-o! but at the same time, it sounds like my life as a mommy. I think though its easier to deal with your own children, then random ones!