Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Annual Review?

Last week I met with my manager to do my 90-day review combined with my annual review.  Yeah, you read that right my annual review.  But I've only been there for a little over 3 months.  Well, at my institution annual reviews for all employees are held in March, no matter the start date. 

Honestly, I was pretty nervous going into it.  Despite the fact that I've been feeling more comfortable and competent in my role, I still am a newbie and have a lot to learn.  I had no idea how much was really expected of me at this point and whether or not I was living up to those expectations.  my team members and at least one attending physician filled out evaluations about me.  Thankfully, everyone was pretty kind.  I definitely still have room to improve, but according to my manager I'm right on par with most things and even a little ahead of the curve on others!

I also had the chance to chat with my manager about my thoughts on my job.  She was very reassuring and validated some of my feelings, letting me know my insecurities were normal, but not necessary.  I walked away from the meeting feeling pretty good about myself.  I know I have tons more to learn, but its nice to know people appreciate and notice the improvements I've made in such a short period of time.

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