Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Finally (Almost) Over!

Despite the crummy weather last week and the threat of our move getting post-poned we actually made it into the house with our stuff Saturday night.  In order to ensure the movers would arrive and take our stuff as promised we pushed the move time back to early evening (start time window of 4-6pm) and I spent over an hour crouched over a sheet of ice at the bottom of the apartment stairs salting and scraping it til my hands bled.  Oh, yeah, tons of fun, let me tell you! 

As with all services that give you an arrival time window, the movers didn't call until just before the latest time they were scheduled to arrive.  They finally showed up around 6:15 and got started right away.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the best moving company because these guys were slow as molasses in February.  We finally had the apartment packed into the truck around 11pm and we were off to the house.  They worked a bit faster unloading and finished at 1:30am.  We promptly fell into bed because I had to get up the next morning for work.

While unpacking/moving boxes to their respective rooms yesterday, Corey noted that I had probably more kitchen boxes than anything else.  Well, I was curious to find out if this was in fact true.  Yes, I counted each and every box in an attempt to prove my husband wrong...I'm not competetive or anything.  So, what did I find?  We had about 60 boxes of stuff (yes, we have far too much junk - we'll be working on purging some things) and 27 of those are kitchen related items such as dishes, cookware, glasses, silverware, gadgets and the like.  That doesn't include the 3 boxes of cookbooks I had as well!  Yes, I am addicted to all things cooking.  The first step to recovery is admiting you have a problem, right?  Too bad I'm not interested in recovery - its a fantastic addiction to have!

The kitchen drowning in boxes

Lacey seems to be settling in well and loves running up and down the stairs.  She has also found the perfect spot to sun herself near the front door and has spent most of the morning there. 

I've decided we picked the absolute perfect place to live, which is a good thing because Corey told me we aren't ever moving again.  His actual words were "you'll have to drag my dead body out of this house."  The commute is not bad for either of us.  The neighborhood is nice (and no HOA - thank goodness!).  And the location is great!  We are within 5 miles of everything you could want: the mall, Target, Costco, grocery stores, restaurants, even a movie theater.  Two major highways are very close, but not so close that we hear traffic or have to worry about safety issues.  And finally, as I was driving today within 2 miles of our house I passed a field with horses grazing, another with a few cows relaxing and finally a parcel of land with a herd of buffalo - yes, buffalo!  I like that we are so close to everything, but there's still pockets of land around as well.

Now, I must wait for the satellite people to show up and set up our TV stuff so I can go grocery shopping.  The only items in our fridge are water, milk, an apple, a kiwi, wine and rum.  Oh yeah, and Corey's leftover pizza from last night.  Sounds like a bachelor's fridge to me! 

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