Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Snow?!?

Say it ain't so...we were already buried in snow!

So my story starts about a week ago. The local weathermen were forecasting a large snowstorm for the weekend - starting Friday morning lasting through til Saturday night. They were predicting it could be as large as our huge dump just before Christmas (which netted us almost 2 feet of snow and paralyzed the entire DC area for a couple days). Well - they were wrong - it was bigger than the December storm! We got over 27" in our neighborhood, while other towns got almost 3 feet. Absolutely crazy, let me tell you. It was so bad that I couldn't get out of the neighborhood to get to work on Monday (mind you the storm ended Saturday night). Well, during the weekend storm there was some talk among the weathermen again that we could get some more snow Tuesday-Wednesday, but nothing compared to what was happening at the time. Then Tuesday morning they were predicting 10-20" of snow across the DC area with larger amounts expected in the Baltimore area. This threw the entire area into a bigger frenzy! Schools shut down - some for the remainder of the week. City governments closed. Corey's office even closed - and they don't close for anything usually. I was told not to go into the hospital because of the driving conditions and they canceled all elective procedures for Wednesday.

This morning we woke up to snow covering what few spots had been plowed/shoveled in the previous couple days. And to blizzard-like conditions. At one point we could barely see the outline of the building across our parking lot from us. Talk about a sight to see!

I took Lacey out last night and today and threw some snowballs around for her to chase. Turns out she thinks that is quite the fun activity! She even tried to carry some of the more solid snowballs around in her mouth for a short while. I only wish we had a yard so she could run around off-leash chasing the snow.

Turns out we have surpassed all previous records for winter snowfall totals in DC - and its only mid-February! Last year we got our largest snowfall in early March. Let's just hope we are winding down with all the snowstorms! Oh and they are forecasting more snow for next Monday!

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