Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, I didn't get to scrub in on the temporal lobectomy the other day because 2 other students already wanted to. Instead, I scrubbed in with a different MD doing a total corpectomy with cage insertion, which is where they remove an entire vertebral body and replace it with a titanium insert. This was done because the patient had pretty shattered one of their vertebrae. I was the only person assisting so I got to help a decent amount. He even let me put in one of the screws :)

This week has been pretty crazy because we are short a resident and they've had meetings/lectures this week. Also, yesterday it seemed like things just exploded around us. We were in the OR all day with the exception of a 30 minute lunch break. One of my residents was in the OR yesterday from 9pm til 5 this morning. Then she stayed to round with us and get stuff done on the floor. And I thought my hours sucked!

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