Friday, August 21, 2009

This is what greeted me when I got home today - an amazing storm rolling in...I'd say this makes for a great night! Today was one of the best days of my rotation so far. Not that I did anything that exciting, but some great stuff happened. First, I got to scrub in on a great case - it was a cranioplasty with a custom made synthetic bone flap. This company used the patient's CT scan to reconstruct a 3D model of their skull, then made a synthetic bone fragment to fit perfectly over the defect. It was so cool! And the new fragment was see-through so after screwing it on you could still see the brain underneath - kinda like a window! Then this afternoon the chief resident complimented me, tried to convince me to be a neurosurgery PA, and told me to call him when I got closer to graduating to talk about job opportunities...all this in front of 2 med students and another resident. And to top it off we got to leave at 4:30. All in all an excellent day!

I only have 3 shifts left, and am having quite mixed emotions. I'm excited to have more normal hours and to not wake up at 3am everyday. But I also feel like I'm just now getting to know the whole team and getting the hang of things. I'm really starting to have fun and am learning alot! I have a feeling this will be the storyline of the year - get used to and start really enjoying what I'm doing only to finish a week later. I guess I'll get used to it :)

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  1. you're one crazy girl but i guess we wouldn't have you anyway!