Monday, August 17, 2009

11 days down, 7 to go...

Not that I'm counting or anything :) Today wasn't too bad, but wasn't great either. The best part of the day was leaving just after 4pm - which is completely unheard of around here! My weekend was wonderful - in case you were curious. Saturday treated me with over 14 hours of sleep between going to bed at 8pm on Friday and getting a 4 hour nap Saturday afternoon. It felt great to catch up on some lost sleep. But, of course, I'm already feeling sleep deprived and it's only Monday night. There's a visiting lecturer from Italy here this week giving lectures about stuff I don't understand with a thick makes it really hard to stay awake. But at the same time I know I'm in the presence of a ridiculously smart man, so I'm trying my best to be respectful and attentive. Maybe tomorrow I'll understand a little more of his lecture topic.

Tomorrow should be interesting - I get to be a part of a temporal lobectomy with the head honcho of the neurosurgery dept. There won't be any residents around (at least for the first several hours) so maybe us lowly students will get our hands in the action...we shall see.

Now it's off to bed...

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