Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The one year itch

No, I'm not talking about relationships, I'm thinking about travel!  For some reason I decided to read my old posts on our trip to Europe.  I can't believe that was just one year ago!  First Zurich, so beautiful and so much money!  Then Munich for Oktoberfest - no description needed.  After that onto the regal city of Vienna.  Finally finishing up with London.  Reading through those posts made me smile thinking back on our wonderful 2 week trip.  But it made my itch to cross the Atlantic that much worse!  We're in the early planning stages for our another European trip this coming Spring and it can't get here fast enough.

In the meantime we'll be traveling to CA this weekend, then a tropical cruise with friends next month and hopefully another tropical vacation after the first of the year.  And maybe a NYC trip to visit friends sometime in the near future?

I consider myself amazingly blessed to be able to afford the time and cost for all these trips.  Also I'm pretty lucky that my husband is willing to help plan, fund and join in the fun of traveling. 

Here's to exploring this beautiful planet we inhabit!

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