Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're back!

It's official - we're Texans again! The move was stressful, physically demanding, exhausting, long, and trying, but we survived thanks to tons of help from my dad as well as Corey's cousin and brother-in-law! We're finally feeling a little more settled in to our new apartment, but there are still lots of boxes stuffed into the closet that we are ignoring for now :)

Corey's been busy working and going through more training while I've been "working" sporadically at the ER and trying to unpack, organize and decorate the pad. I've only been able to shadow because my legal paperwork is not yet finalized, but it looks like that will be remedied any day now. I've also been busying applying and interviewing for various jobs. I have a 2nd interview for my dream position in a couple weeks so I'm hoping it ends with a job offer!

Between working and unpacking, we've been catching up with various friends and family. It's been sooo nice being back among so many people we love.

Up next - graduation, taking my certification exam, then a 2 week jaunt to Europe!

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