Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Road Ahead... looking quite busy but rather fun! We have so much going on right now and even more headed our way! Next week brings tax day - no biggie, we finished our taxes in January (Corey never turns down on opportunity for money!). Unfortunately for him, he works in the retirement industry and thus the week leading up to tax day is hectic to say the least. He's not looking forward to it, but things will slow down significantly come Friday. The week after I'll finish up my outpatient rotation by taking an exam and having two standardized patient encounters. Then we might take a short trip up north to visit some family for a weekend. The last week of April Monica is finally coming to visit! She has not been out here yet and I've been bugging her to come out, so I'm extremely excited. Plus, the weather should be beautiful for any sightseeing trips around DC. Following her visit, I'll be moving up to the northern part of MD for my final 8-week rotation. The next weekend is Corey's step-brother's wedding in Hilton Head. We are pretty excited about that weekend because its a chance to spend time with Corey's family again (especially our little niece!) The day after the wedding Corey will most likely be driving his way back to TX in order to start his new JOB on the 10th! (He got a phone call on Thurs letting him know the "official offer" would be extended some time this week) The weekend after the wedding is my "graduation" in DC! I have a feeling it will be a little strange wearing my cap & gown with hood and listening to the commencement speech knowing I still have 3 months before I truly graduate. However it should be pretty fun, especially since both my mom and my mom-in-law will be out that weekend to help me celebrate. Whew - all that in just one month! In June we have a wedding to attend and in July we plan on moving all our things into a new apt in TX plus I'll start my final rotation in TX. In August I'll graduate and we'll be done on the East Coast! It's hard to believe its coming down to my last 4 months in school!

And what would make all this fun stuff even more exciting? Documenting everything with my new camera! That's right - using some "perks" that Corey has earned via his company we were able to buy a fancy schmancy SLR camera without having to spend any real money. It should arrive sometime next week and I can't wait to play with it! Be prepared for lots of pictures of the beautiful spring landscape around here and the pup - she's usually a willing subject, especially when asleep ;)

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