Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello 2010!

Lots has happened since my last post!

First, Corey and I headed down to Hilton Head, SC to spend New Year's with Adrienne and Shane (Corey's sis and her husband). After a scare that Corey might miss his connecting flight and not make it back to NC, we jumped in the car and made great time on our drive farther South. We had a ton of fun with Adrienne and Shane - Adrienne and I spent some time shopping at the outlet malls while Corey and Shane watched football and drank beer. On New Year's Eve we had a GREAT dinner at a really cute restaurant then went to a bar for some drinks. It was pretty crowded and not too fun so we walked the few minutes back to condo and finished off the night there. I may have had a little too much fun that night and definitely paid for it the next day. We spent most of New Year's Day sleeping, lying around, reading and watching some football. We finally made it out that night for some dinner. Unfortunately we had to leave the next day, so after packing up and having a late breakfast, Corey, Lacey and I headed back to VA. When we left Hilton Head it was a very comfortable morning in the 50's, when we reached VA the wind chill was 4 degrees! Made us want to turn around and head south again! We had a day to relax, run errands and prepare to go back to work.

On Monday I started my 8-week surgery rotation. I was pretty nervous about it because I didn't think I would really like surgery. Although I found neurosurgery to be very interesting, I often found that I did not like the environment of the OR. Since starting though, I've enjoyed it greatly! The other PA's that I'm working with have been super nice and helpful and the surgeons aren't too bad! Actually the second PA I met my first day is a Boise State Alum and, knowing I was a TCU alum, he greeted me by showing me his Boise State scrub cap. My first day was just orientation with learning to scrub (despite me already knowing all this) and learning different kinds of sutures and knot tying. The second day I scrubbed into four orthopedic surgeries and LOVED it! I got to drill a hole into a guy's knee for an ACL repair - awesome!!! I also scrubbed in for a total knee replacement - also a cool surgery. It is pretty brutal because they literally open up the entire front of the knee from the thigh down to the mid shin and then cut into various things and shave away a ton of bone from the femur and the tibia. There is literally bone dust and pieces flying all over the place :) The next day I scrubbed in on a really cool case which involved a new procedure for closing hernias. It was a long case, but crazy interesting. One of the surgeons was super cranking and mean to me, but it was mean to everyone in the surgery so I didn't take it personally. Funny thing - I was scrubbed in on a case with him this morning and he was so nice! He even thanked me and complemented me - he's an odd little old guy, but very cute. Tomorrow I'll be scrubbing in on a mastectomy and reconstruction which will have special meaning for me because of my mom's current fight with breast cancer. (Luckily her cancer was caught early enough that she did not need a full mastectomy)

We are looking forward to what 2010 has in store for us because there is a lot up ahead for our family. We have several weddings to attend, including Corey's best friend, Corey's step-brother, and some college friends. Also, our best man from our wedding just proposed to his girlfriend so they might be getting married this year too! We are also expecting a new niece this year (due in March) and will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. Soon Corey will start to look for jobs back in TX, I'm hoping to get a final rotation in TX and then before we know it I'll be graduating (in August), and we'll be moving back to TX - woohoo! Then it will be time to get a job, take my certifying exam, travel to Europe, and, finally, start a real job with a real paycheck! And I'm sure there's lots more I'm not even thinking of! Like I said, we are very excited for all that will be happening this year :)

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