Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to work

Tomorrow I start back to work treating and caring for patients to whom I'm not related :) Over the last week I was fortunate enough to go home and be with my parents while my mom had surgery. The surgery went well and she is currently recovering at home with help from my aunt and dad. Once she's healed (another 3 weeks or so), she'll find out more about radiation and things of that sort. Now that it is October we are in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it means even more to me than it ever has before. My mom was fortunate because she had regular screenings and the cancer was caught early. She also was lucky to live near a hospital with a specialized Breast Care Center and a renowned breast surgeon. I thank God for the ways things have turned out for her thus far.

I came back to the east coast Friday and have been able to unpack, clean, relax, recover from jet lag and spend some quality time with Corey before diving into the unpredictable shift work that comes with an ER rotation. Today we spent the morning driving west to an orchard to pick our own pumpkins. The drive was pleasant through some fall colors and the weather was great! We picked out 2 large pumpkins to carve and 2 "baby" pumpkins for decoration around the apartment.

  • A view of the pumpkin patch full of great pumpkins!
  • Our pumpkin "family" - the 2 big guys will be carved sometime this week

On the way home, we stopped off at a Farmer's Market and got some treats like apple butter, blackberry jam, produce and homemade dinner rolls. After all this, we made it home in time to watch Sunday afternoon football - which made Corey very happy. If only the Cowboys were able to pull off a win....oh well - still a great week overall. Looking forward to a great week full of exciting adventures in the ER!

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