Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kitchen wins and fails

I've been going through an "everything new" phase in the kitchen over the last month or so.  By this I mean I have avoided making anything that I have previously tried and doing all new recipes.  For the most part it has worked out great.  It has resulted in many new and fun dishes that both Corey and I really like.  However, it also hasn't been without hiccups.  I may have thrown too-wet-to-handle dough onto the counter in a moment of frustration.  Luckily the wins have outnumbered the fails.

Here are some recent winners:

Jargaritas - stick them in the freezer and you have a ready-made frozen margarita

Browned butter chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich

Mallorcan sweet rolls

Braised red cabbage: cabbage + bacon + vinegar + sugar = yum

Short ribs over pasta with roasted asparagus - the best meal I've ever made

The Pioneer Woman's Blackberry Cobbler

Pulled pork sandwiches

Strawberry margaritas using fresh limes & strawberries (no bottled mixers!)

Despite some failures, I'm having more fun in the kitchen than ever.  And my husband's amazing anniversary gift has given me that much more inspiration

7 1/4 qt Round French Oven in Cassis
Happy cooking!

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  1. Will you share your pulled pork recipe? I have a recipe but would love to see how yours differs!